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You might have been looking for the Ukay

Some people like to salute the British flag. Those people are Americans.

The UK is one of the filthiest countries I ever set my eyes on. God, it's even shaped like a penis! Come on, you can't deny it...

“Go! GO! GOO! do UK now or I'll do you!”

~ YouK sauce, being horny

How you pronounce eet?[edit]

Here you go little fella:

Yoooo-kay, okay.

The Yookay is of course one of the world's uncontrollable countries because it always pees on the seat. You told him so many times not to didn't you? Well I wouldn't take that shit myself!

Yeah well flatten you cuheeseballs.

Ha, you thought I was gonna curse then, didn't you?


Are you a lollypop? I just told ya!

piss ass mother truckers

The M man loves this article?[edit]

He duz, and if you have anything to say against this holy of holies. I'll shank you up goooood.

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