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“Ah, New Zealand... Always on the isolated edge of our global society. One minute you're graciously giving us kiwis, Lord of the Rings, and Russell Crowe, and the next you're giving us DEVASTATING AND MIND-CRUSHING DISSONANT TECHNICAL DEATH METAL FROM THE HOPELESS ABYSS THAT IS THE DETERIORATING HUMAN CONDITION!!!

Ulcerative Colitis Ulcerate is a codename from Greener and Less-Populated Japan meant to alert the nearest music venue of the impending doom arrival of a trio of bald men who just happen to listen to too much Gorguts and malfunctioning industrial machinery. Seriously. None So Vile have ever been so Voivod devoid of melody to the extent that even the world in which The Astonishing takes place in (and dude, their "music" is stupidly dissonant) would be oppressed by this entropic cacophony of VISCERAL AND DESTRUCTIVE VIRTUOSITY THAT BRUTALLY ATOMIZES ITS SUBJECTS!!!

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