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I come to bring alternates to articles that I have never thought about doing due to how insane they might be. I took a good look at Illogicopedia before making my decision to move here. Welcome, may the great expansion begin. Prepare yourself... for some FUN!!!

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Biography[edit | edit source]

Estero as a wool statue.

Estero (better known as Player 2) is one of many individuals that are part of the "Player series"- A set of Terraria characters modeled after the standard player who are distinguished by their special powers for they are made by the benefactor Alex, who got the game on Christmas Eve 2012 and has been going at it ever since. As such, he is a direct descendent of the Player (or "Boris") who inherits his intelligence and bravery. Like all others of his ilk, he can either exist as a plush or a wool statue. In fact, he can be able to possess other player statues similar to him (considering that he is a direct clone of the original player) and record his sightings. When he's done spending his time in our 3D world, he goes back to a plush who sends his reports on Illogicopedia. He is a friendly individual, willing to socialize at any time or place.

The Duff duck is a shining example of the things that he sees outside of his worlds.
Player transform.png

As such, the Player series possess special abilities that set them apart from the others (even themselves! Who knew?) and Estie is no exception. One day, Alex would give the original player the power to transform into a woman. As expected, this decision was met with major controversy- meaning that he will stay a guy.[1] Ahem. Estie can do a transformation into a "magical guy" figure as seen on the right.[2] The reason as to why anybody hasn't seen him in this form a lot is due to the fact that he got this ability a month ago. [3]

What defines a player?[edit | edit source]

In order for your character to be part of the Player series, this quick reference guide is used to determine where he stands. As such, consider the following:

Sample player.jpg

This guy would be part of the series because he has the standard hairstyle and clothes of the original player. Oh yes! Skin! We forgot about the skin! That's an important factor.

Will (Terraria).png

Although there may be some ambiguity, Will from the comics is part of the series.[4] Then again, he has no special powers and is unique for his comics presenting minor new sprites that could be used in the future. It has been stated that each member of the Player series represents one or more characteristics of their creator Alex: The original player standing for his intelligence and courage; Real Boris (see reminder) for his willingness to explore new possibilities; lastly, yours truly, posessing the abilities the Player had before with the part of Alex that has led him to die numerous times in Terraria and other titles.

"I'm more of a sweetheart than Shirley Temple!"[edit | edit source]

One time, in the midst of a crowd, he shouted that he was cuter than Shirley Temple and was gunned down shortly following the statement. In that place, she was like God or something and that boast would count as blasphemy. Like all of his ilk, he was given a second chance by his Masters. Later on, it was discovered that he was intoxicated from special potions.[5]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. The decision would raise some questions, most of which address his fate on his relationship with Natasha. Then again, we know how much the common public hates trannies.
  2. As it is, the transformation process is a bit more private.
  3. February 9th, to be more precise.
  4. I've done some thinking, he is.
  5. You can't go wrong with Flasks of Gold though. They're pretty useful.

Let us start[edit | edit source]

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