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Hey, AP. How goes it? --Lord Fluffy who rains fire from the heavens 18:08, 3 Aym 2007 (UTC)

Hello anotherpongo, and welcome to ?pedia, have fun and stay safe :P --Silent Penguin 18:18, 3 Aym 2007 (UTC)

Yes. Safe sex is very important. --Lord Fluffy who rains fire from the heavens 22:58, 3 Aym 2007 (UTC)

Welcome[edit source]

Have fun editing but stay away from my hen coup. --Testostereich 19:22, 3 Aym 2007 (UTC)

i c[edit source]

i was kinda off my head when i wrote it anyway, the edit is a minor because it is underage --Testostereich 17:18, 5 Aym 2007 (UTC)

Underage[edit source]

If the edit hasn't completed his/her/goat's scholarship then it is underage in the nose of the courts.

Feature[edit source]

You know trying to hard to get articles featured usually doesn't yield results. Generally focusing on the quality of your articles and puting in subliminal advertising wherever possible have worked well for me, my friend and my other friend.

--Testostereich 16:00, 7 Aym 2007 (UTC)

RoDC[edit source]

Sorry, its a cool game that i wish to contribute to. I wont use bold text in future but will continue to edit it. I'll shorten my flavour text but maybe you wanna go thru how you want the game to pan out. --Testostereich 18:57, 10 Aym 2007 (UTC)

Th Rain of Dead Cats[edit source]

I must solute you on your invention of the game, it has riveted my younger brother whome i have been reading it to in overly dramatic voices. You deserve a gold star for your work. Also where do you want the game to lead to, before i take it into a completely new direction?

Thanks for the vote[edit source]

what she sed

Good to see oyur back[edit source]

Going for the pickle eh?--Testostereich(ballsack) 12:12, 23 Yoon 2007 (UTC)

Fisher Price Linux[edit source]

It appears that Fisher Price Linux could get deleted. Do you mind if I attempt to keep it alive at Uncyclopedia? I will give you full credit. Kippers 05:07, 6 Octodest 2007 (UTC)

Acorn Day[edit source]

Happy Acorn Day! Acorn.PNG

-- BlackholeSig.PNG<font=Impact>Eupocalith<font=Impact>Antimatter Demise Iirhai taul Nayuzir!

Hi[edit source]

Can i join the Communist Party? --Signed by Elassint the Great Hi! 23:33, 27 Novelniver 2007 (UTC)

Hey Man[edit source]

Thanks for the review, it's cool having you back again :D Testostereich(ballsack) 10:16, 19 Octodest 2008 (UTC)

Just ... yeah[edit source]

If you're still here, you finally made it, IOTM, rock on in your commie underwear --TReich (My Bad) 19:09, 5 Farbleum 2009 (UTC)

Awesome. Anotherpongo 14:48, 8 Arply 2009 (UTC)

hi[edit source]

hello grueslayer implementor!--Poiz 16:10, 29 Octodest 2010 (UTC)