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Hi. Template:RyanSig

Yes, it is ugly, isn't it?

Only Afrin has...

What...? Template:RyanSig

The alien legion has no hair! Have you any


“Only by learning from Scientologists and Muggles- non magic folk- can our peoples stand together as one in the burning rain.”

-Jesse Owens, 1937

Spotatoes, etc.!

If that was your question, I do have hair... Template:RyanSig

Stuttgart Klackon! Mrrshan Diplomacy!

The life of one who can not live is within the bounds of them, so go to Tanzania now!

The truth of the matter is, all men live underwater.

Now I must die. Expect me in 44 days, when I will return as a headless head! You have been warned!

Now I'm dead...

Ji-Had responses[edit]

I have to agree with you that ED is the ultimate internet Nazi Bitchfest. On the one (and if I have it my way, only) occasion I visited it I was greeted by some naked hentai woman with penis's for boobs. Naturally I quickly deleted my internet history and undertook therapy. Of course it does needs ending and I'm surprised some higher authority hasn't already shut them down for general hate crimes/crimes against humanity, BUT is anything we do to them going to cause more than a minor annoyance that the legions of 13 year old BNP supporters will revert without breaking sweat? The retaliatory attack is likely to be on a much grander scale and unattractive in my opinion. SO, is it really worth it and would vandalizing them actually make any difference? --Testostereich(ballsack) 21:36, 11 Novelniver 2007 (UTC)

Response to the Response[edit]

Maybe they're not worth the trouble. They are pathetic and will probably undo themselves...

-- BlackholeSig.PNG<font=Impact>Eupocalith<font=Impact>Antimatter Demise Iirhai taul Nayuzir!

i HONOR YOU[edit]

Ok, I know your articles are realllllly short and you put very little effort into them, but you do have millions of them. So, i dub thee.......... a duck.

Insane Award

Fonchezzz says, "Congrats! YOU ,my friend, are a DUCK. To tell you the truth, I dont know if it's a good thing. Don't be too proud." WELCOME TO THE join the party.....quACK

Stay away from those anti ducks. They mean trouble!--Romanducky.jpg|Fonchezzz| Quacking|Smile no.jpg 21:15, 12 Novelniver 2007 (UTC)


You know The Order of the Paperclip third class requirements? What do you mean by "High-Quality Articles"? Do they have to be recognised in some way? cuz im lookin to complete the requirements and thats the last one left for me (6 High Quality Articles)----|Funny.png|Jojo RandomiseIm just plain Quackers!|Duck flag.jpg 20:25, 21 Jeremy 2008 (UTC)

Maybe they mean Featured or Recgonized by at least a few people is "High Class" and whatnot. I'm looking to complete first class. --Penguin-chick evil.jpg Dxpenguinman, the Penguinman ...He's e-vile! Talk Got An Idea? GAMESHOW! 07:57, 15 Octodest 2009 (UTC)

I am sorry to have failed to respond for so long, but I have been... absent... for some time. When I invented the "Order of the Paperclip", I assumed that I was transferring it and its requirements out of my hands and into those of the community in general, so what I meant by "High-Quality Articles" is probably irrelevant. In addition, I've forgotten by now what I meant originally, so I am not really in a position to answer your question properly. [sanity now ends] Consequently, I have taken it upon myself to issue several decrees permitting the use of tapeworms as domesticated giraffes. Any who find this offensive have no choice but to be exiled or to remain as a redundant testament to the folly of fishkind.

-- BlackholeSig.PNGEupocalith Antimatter Demise Iirhai taul nayuzir! 08:05, 15 Octodest 2009 (UTC)


Who are you? Where did you come from? Above? Below? Whaaa? Monkey-butler.jpg Sincerely, islandmonkey - go speak 18:01, 11 Arche 2011 (UTC)

Account recovery[edit]

Hey, unfortunately when we moved servers last year, we lost all the user accounts (you can thank carlb for that), so you'll need to recreate your account. If creating the account under the same name doesn't work, just use another similar name, but either way, please let me know when you're done so I can reassign all your old edits and stuff, and if needed, rename the new account to the correct name.

Thanks, and sorry for the trouble. -— Athyria User talk:AthyriaUser talk:AthyriaUser talk:Athyria 17:19, 10 Serpeniver 2014 (UTC)



  • gj

(Dawoplesakin) ~|~~ oh whoops danny!Text 07:04, 22 Octodest 2017 (UTC)

Hey there. I’m just some archaic monstrosity passing through, nothing much to see here... Eupocalith (talk) 07:06, 22 Octodest 2017 (UTC)
...Yes there is danny!Text 07:19, 22 Octodest 2017 (UTC)
Out of the senescent starlight, flying with one wing broken, fungal spores pouring from his skin, the heaving whale-ibis dreamed of his last days in the sea. Eupocalith (talk) 07:41, 22 Octodest 2017 (UTC)
You're back? Awesome. Lemme smash debrief you on how Illogicopedia has been for the past two years that I've spent here: the first year was lit. I got IOTM twice, and the articles were nice. The second year has seen a decline in activity and overall enjoyability with the onset of vandals, especially a particularly determined vandal who has been quite the blood-sucking parasite these past six months named Ivo. If you see that name anywhere in Recent Changes, please do your best in undoing or reverting his edits and reporting him to an admin via their talk page or on IRC.
Nose the cheese. 2+2=5 SPEAK TO ME, ILLOGIAN! Past accounts of sodomy RAVENOUS AND RUTHLESS CAPITALISM The greatest article in the history of Illogia! 03:01, 23 Octodest 2017 (UTC)
Hello! I might not be really ‘back’ fully, mostly I was just sort of passing through and wanted to see how the old madhouse was doing, maybe throw a few bits of nonsense up on the site. I’ll definitely do my best to box with the vandals if I see ’em, though. Thanks for the smashing ...update. Eupocalith (talk) 03:17, 23 Octodest 2017 (UTC)

Heads up[edit]

Ivo has set up an account called User:Ovi. He hasn't done anything yet, but I suspect that he created it to be used later on so he can strike when no one is around. Or, it could just be his attempt at setting up a decoy, which wouldn't work nonetheless. Just be high on alert on Recent Changes whenever you see anything being done by that account. 2+2=5 SPEAK TO ME, ILLOGIAN! Past accounts of sodomy RAVENOUS AND RUTHLESS CAPITALISM The greatest article in the history of Illogia! 04:41, 24 Octodest 2017 (UTC)

Drizzle it lightly[edit]

Sizzle it brightly. Welcome back. We need some reinvigoration. Refrigeration. 2+2=5 SPEAK TO ME, ILLOGIAN! Past accounts of sodomy RAVENOUS AND RUTHLESS CAPITALISM The greatest article in the history of Illogia! 18:26, 30 Serpeniver 2018 (UTC)