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Welcome! Stay, eat drink and be merry! If you eat enough you'll slowly expand over time before exploding. So remember to eat lots of cheese and we coould be cleaning your innards off the floor by this time next tuesday! Theres a forum, IRC chatroom, featurevote and writer of the month. Don't be a nuisance and please contribute constructively. It's a good idea to read illogicopedia:about for a better introduction to what the wiki's about or click here for various explanations. Have fun!-- 06:07, 26 Jumbly 2007 (UTC) (BTW, though I appear as an I.P> I'm actually user:testostereich but not logged in.

Hello, and welcome... feel free to put gargle meshes of words together. When you are worthy... you have the choice to be a DUCK--Romanducky.jpg|Fonchezzz| Quacking|Smile no.jpg 16:24, 26 Jumbly 2007 (UTC)

Well, hi! I think I'll have fun here... See you around! Googolplex 20:00, 26 Jumbly 2007 (UTC)

I'm having trouble writing and editing... It seems different... Googolplex 20:16, 26 Jumbly 2007 (UTC)
Thanks :) Do you think it's random enough? And could you help me design a userpage? Thanks! Googolplex 20:33, 26 Jumbly 2007 (UTC)

Why thank you, I'm an Illogical type-o-guy![edit]

You're doing great as well :) I'm trying to decide if it's a good or bad thing that I'm more Illogical than thee... :P I hope to see you around in the wikiWorld! P.S. Don't tell anyone at wikiHow, but I'm having more fun here ;) I would never leave wikiHow, though, not for anything. Googolplex 00:45, 27 Jumbly 2007 (UTC)

By the way, nice Charlie article. I remember that cartoon... so funny :D "Charlie! We're going to candy mountain, Charlie!" /me laughs. Googolplex 00:47, 27 Jumbly 2007 (UTC)
I think I know... ;) Googolplex 00:55, 27 Jumbly 2007 (UTC)
The basic laws of chicken hiarchy state that you must praise any chicken of any form. So this includes broiled, grilled, fried, and raw. ;) Googolplex 01:02, 27 Jumbly 2007 (UTC)
I knew the Mac Users one would get you :P No offence... Googolplex 01:06, 27 Jumbly 2007 (UTC)

Re: Revenge!!![edit]

There are so many flaws with the PC it's not even funny... :P Googolplex 01:44, 27 Jumbly 2007 (UTC)

Yah, but you haven't seen my sexy computer moniter... :P It's a lot thinner than the chunky Mac moniter. BTW, did you hear about the dangerous Safari exploit that allows the bad guy to take complete control of the Mac? In YOUR face ;) Googolplex 01:54, 27 Jumbly 2007 (UTC)
What if I told you I had a sleek monitor that has the hard drive and CPU under it in a small managable box? Well, I'd be lying. But they do have those. I just happen to have one of the giant, noisy (actually, it's quite quiet) boxes. But, it does have dual disk input and a DVD burner. So HAH! Let's see iLife whip out cool DVD like XP. And besides, the box looks cool. It's black and it has red, glowing fans. Anyways, sorry :P I hope you know that this argument is not meant to be real and/or offensive ;) Googolplex 02:09, 27 Jumbly 2007 (UTC)

Re: This Reminds Me of Another Stupid Argument...[edit]

Well, whaddabout MACadamia cookies? Mmmm... Kit Kats, eh (just kidding). If I went to your school, I probably would have sided with Kit. But, we all know that PCs are better than "Macs"... Googolplex 02:53, 27 Jumbly 2007 (UTC)

Oh, you're funny :P And I can totally imagine you sticking your toungue out and rolling your eyes at me ;) Googolplex 03:43, 27 Jumbly 2007 (UTC)


Congratulations! great articles.

Insane Award

Fonchezzz says, "Congrats! YOU ,my friend, are a DUCK. To tell you the truth, I dont know if it's a good thing. Don't be too proud." WELCOME TO THE join the party.....quACK

--Romanducky.jpg|Fonchezzz| Quacking|Smile no.jpg 20:17, 27 Jumbly 2007 (UTC)



hi (again)[edit]

Hi blabalalabaobapibaba


hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi Mitzisuki 02:14, 28 Jumbly 2007 (UTC)

PC Users[edit]

I take deep offence to this article... :P Googolplex 20:04, 28 Jumbly 2007 (UTC)


Hey, horses. How are you?

Mitzisuki 17:04, 30 Jumbly 2007 (UTC)

Hello again...[edit]

It's been too long, right? It turns out that I was nominated for Featured Writer. Who woulda thought, right? I don't think I'll win, but then again, I don't really care.... :P Besides, if it means stepping on toes, I definitely don't want it. I'm new, someone deserves it more than me... ;) I hope to see you around! And good job on that weirdo duck thing, BTW. Googolplex 02:27, 6 Ergust 2007 (UTC)

Thanks :) You know, being serious is great and all, but I think I need some time being illogical :) I'll see you around at wikiHow! Googolplex 02:45, 6 Ergust 2007 (UTC)
Hm... Try banging your head against a keyboard. If that doesn't work, smash your monitor in with your fist. If that fails to work, buy a PC :P Googolplex 02:58, 6 Ergust 2007 (UTC)
Actually, I just saw the Skydive episode of Drake and Josh today. And it looks like you've converted Chicablog to the Illogical side... :P Googolplex 00:52, 7 Ergust 2007 (UTC)
And BTW, Skydive is a great new article :) "Uh, that spells splat..." "Yeah, I guess it does..." Googolplex 00:54, 7 Ergust 2007 (UTC)
I agree that it's one of the better new ones; the other ones don't seem to have enough worthwhile content, I mean, that makes me laugh anyways :P And your article is definitely not too short; most of the FAs are short and sweet. Yours is definitely on the right track :) Googolplex 01:02, 7 Ergust 2007 (UTC)
Eyes tearing... Oh man, that dialup article is GOOD! :D And true. Man, I'm soooo glad we ditched dialup... :P Good article. I would nominate it for FA, but I don't know how... :P Googolplex 01:34, 7 Ergust 2007 (UTC)
Is that a "Chicken Nugget" reference by any chance...? ;) Thanks :) Though I think if one of our articles are featured, it would be a throw-away one that we didn't put much effort into... :P Googolplex 01:40, 7 Ergust 2007 (UTC)
Yep. Control+C&V can be your friends! Oh, but wait. You're using a Mac... It's probably some crazy thing like... "Apple, control, click... or something like that... :P Googolplex 01:48, 7 Ergust 2007 (UTC)
Not as difficult as I thought... Something I could have expected from a MAC!!! :P That was a compliment, you just have to look at it in the right way... Googolplex 02:02, 7 Ergust 2007 (UTC)
Ha ha :P Everyone know that PCs are better... ;) Googolplex 02:18, 7 Ergust 2007 (UTC)
Okay, fine. Googolplex 03:05, 7 Ergust 2007 (UTC)


You gave me the idea :P Chicablog 00:46, 7 Ergust 2007 (UTC)

Now I feel like I did something bad... :P Chicablog 00:49, 7 Ergust 2007 (UTC)
I'm kidding...I meant was 'Wow, I really wish I didn't do that after she said that.'
? Chicablog 01:47, 7 Ergust 2007 (UTC)


I have a few Q's for you: 1. How are the Massie articles mean-spirited? Doesn't the polic state that mean-spirited would be like knocking an innocent person out? 2. Why should I be blocked for being opinionated? 3. Do you hate me? :( Chicablog 01:31, 8 Ergust 2007 (UTC)

On 19:24, 17 August 2007

Heather said:



Am I using good enough illogic? Fruit Boy (Talk) 22:31, 20 Octodest 2007 (UTC)

Eh... I haven't really been following you too much, actually. I'm trying to sort something out here :P My advice is not to ask me about illogico-ness, because I have not written anything here for months ;) But anyway, just keep working at it. If your first article is too serious, practice a bit. :) Horses4Ever BIG RED DOT!!!1.png Babbling BIG RED DOT!!!1.png Contribs 22:37, 20 Octodest 2007 (UTC)


Toricopter.gifToridance.gif Toridance.gifToricopter.gif

the game

You can has award for Charlie the Unicorn. Yes? Good.

I hope you're bloody happy with that.

With love, Robomilk.