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Wow, that's huge!

Why is it that every time I walk down the street, a bunch of crazy football hooligans chuck a cream pie in my face, dance about the Mississippi and steal my wife's hard earned ubergun?


Today a rock came through my window and it a had a note on it which read "fork you pooftar". I was quite taken back and phoned the local lizard man to help me break the rock into 3000 little pieces of oxo cubes.

Then my dearest cake got smeared onto my orange. Don't know what happened today, its madness!

Holy shit Batman, I'm homo! Homo Erectus, that is.

“CHARLIE BIT ME! Charlie, put the sub machine gun down.. uh.. Agh! People are dying in here!”

~ Cheetah

Paranoia is a terrible thing. JEWS ARE TRYING TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!1! ARGHHH!!! If you want to do that in my back garden do it in the lawn, its much cleaner and the pile heap lets off.

Let your inner soul drift unto your throat, ARGHHHHHH NO IT BURNS ME, US!!11!!1!1! HUMANITY!