Werewolf Slayer

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Werewolf Slayers are really AWESOME dudes. They slay werewolves. some people say this is impossible. IT'S NOT! These dudes do it for a dime. No doubt this page will be Randalized by a werewolf. These guys can kill a werewolf with their bare hands. They stick swords in people's guts when they ask for the TIME OF DAY. They can beat ninjas to a blood pulp, and God quivers in fear should he not be in their favo-- AGGGGGGGGGH!

the last sight you'll ever see.

Now. What is it they use to kill werewolves? Well. I'll tell you. Silver cucumbers, silver knives, silver machine guns, silver cola cans, silver pointy things, silver bananas, silver eggs, and giant silver hybrid cars. Oh, and they're not above tossing George W. Bush at their enemies, nor George Dubya Bush.

And they can do this because they eat their greens.

This message brought to you by Aspargus Corporation of Subbuteo.