Why Playstation is better than Xbox

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“Whenever I see an xbox, I turn 360 degrees and walk the other way.”

~ Me pwning you with my logic.

It is pretty obvious why Playstation is better than Xbox, but I will still list all the reasons for you.

  • Playstation has the word play in it. Playing is fun, everyone likes to play. Xbox has the word box in it. No one has ever had fun with a box. Boxes are used for storage, not fun.
  • Xbox has an X in its name. Do you know what else starts with X? Xenu. Do you really want to play your video games on a system dedicated to Scientology?
  • Playstations are made in Japan. You know what else comes from Japan? Anime. Xboxes are made in American. You know what else comes from America? Family Guy.
  • Owning a Playstation will get you laid. Owning an Xbox will get you mauled by bears.
  • Playstation will let you bum a smoke during your lunch break. Xbox will give you a wedgie and take your lunch money.