Why blanking pages is not cool

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Pages are fragile creatures, and a snub as severe as all-out blanking can have a drastic effect on their self esteem. A reported 8 out of 10 paper suicides are related to blanking issues. Pro-page blanking activists argue that this is preposterous given that pages are just the processed remains of dead trees, and that as logic dictates, can't die a further second time. Luckily all these activists died mysteriously when a paper-aeroplane flew into their building, and the anti-page blanking view remains universally upheld.

Alternate Account[edit]

Blanking may indeed be considered "uncool," but it is sometimes necessary. When you see something that is incessantly stupid, offensive, or just not funny, blanking is a wonderful tool and, like all other tools, has a special place in the hearts of all mindless Illogicopedia readers.