Wirry Wonkaa

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Herro, My name Wirry Wonkaa!

Wirry Wonkaa (見てぇ~ワタシ のアソコから) is the Japanese Willy Wonkaand is a kitsune.

Early life[edit]

Wirry was born in a sushi restaurant to Mitsune and Teriyaki Wonkaa. He learned about sushi at a very young age. He discovered many types of cool sushi and ran away, to do something.

His Sushi factory[edit]

He opened a sushi factory and made all the cool sushi he discovered. He then fired all the workers because they were too busy with their Pokemans. He replaced them with the Goomba-Loombas, who didn't know how to play the game.

The Golden Rice balls[edit]

He invited five children who won the Golden rice ball challenge. They entered his factory, but only one got the prize, ownership of the factory.

In his own words:

I make him new owner, because I wan play console game, yes!

Everlasting Yitsimorayinaradu[edit]

You can suck on them all year, and they never get any bigger! Neither will they get smaller!....Oh wait, you're sucking on snooker balls... well ain't mah fault them's tastin' very gudd!