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Sushi Sooshi, ah sushi, ah sushi, it is sushi, what wouldn't it be, sooshi? Don't you just hate sushi, it tastes like sushim is sushi and even smells like sushi, what doesn't it make it look like sushi? Sooshi of course.

“Ah. I can speak Sushi fluently: Weh Fish. Mi meki Maki Moo mar a dop sop a wop de shoo shungi!”


What sooshi sushi sooshi is made of[edit]

Sushi comes in many different colorsflavors. Such as, erm...well chocolate?


  • Vanilla
  • Sushi
  • Fish
  • Wet
  • Disgusting
  • Vanilla
  • Flavory
  • Chicken
  • Salmonella
  • Poo
  • I dunno?
  • Ice-cream
  • Dead people
  • Taste bad flavor
  • N00b flavor
  • 1337 flavor
  • Some other flavor, other than Chocolate, sushi, fish, wet, disgusting, vanilla, flavory, chicken, salmonella, poo, I dunno, ice cream, dead people, things that taste bad, n00bs, 1337 or any other flavor as this flavor is unique, unique i say!!!

And well...other than the other 23487 flavors, that's about it. Other than sooshi, of course.

Benefits of sooshi sushi sooshi[edit]

It is healthy, right?

  • It's healthy
  • It's not unhealthy
  • It's not not healthy
  • It's made of fish
  • It comes in many different flavors
  • It is sushi
  • It isn't sooshi.

YEAH....that's about it. And it's not is sooshi!!!

Cons of sushi sooshi sushi!!![edit]

Yeesh, can you even spell sushi?

Yeah S-O-O-S-H-I, i mean S-U-S-H-I


  • It's hard to spell
  • It's easy to misspell
  • It comes in the flavor of poo
  • It does not come in the flavor of un-poo
  • You do not get a free Wii from eating it
  • You do not get a free Wii from not eating it
  • It tastes like whatever flavor it tastes like.
  • It does not taste like whatever flavor it does not taste like
  • It has more cons than pros.
  • It has less pros than cons.
  • There are too many cons for it.
  • People spell it SOOSHI, why even you do it.
  • It is spelt Sushi, not Satooshi, Sooshi or Tushi. Yeesh, pushi.

So there, it is so not spelt sushi. No wait, I mean sooshi.