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“Wit is funny, but also pretty dry.”

~ Oscar Wilde on wit

“I like wit. Wit is good.”

~ Groucho Marx on wit, and things to do with wit

Wit is a form of activity characterized by quick thinking, cleverness, and making quips. These clever quips can come at any time, like a luncheon, a breakfast, or a dinner even! Imagine that. When somebody makes a witty remark, it can be very humourous. Very humourous indeed.

You can get whole books of witty quotations said by people. These were funny at the time, and still are today. The witty quotations tend to have to do with politics, romance, society, and so forth. I guess because... those are the things people like to talk about when they say witty things.

I suppose people have said things they thought were witty but weren't. You'll have to try better than that, guys.

There have been all sorts of witty people. Abe Lincoln was one, probably. Oscar Wilde, noted wit. Etcetera.

I'm done here.