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Today was not that of any other day. The sun glowed so brightly, the birds chirped peacefully outside my window. My lawn was green (for once) and my cat hadn't peed on the bed. So different and so much better than any other day I had enjoyed in my life. And as I woke up I felt the sun shine on my face, feel the heat warm me into the glory of the day awaiting me. I couldn't help but to smile.

And to pick up my gun, put in it my mouth , and pull the trigger.

I'm not your normal ol chum[edit | edit source]

I'm something much, much worse. I have this sad little disease called "Wonderful" a disease that makes anyone who has want to blow their brains out. In that case I have no bloody idea why it's called wonderful, but it is an that is all that matters.

People have to keep sharp instruments away from me. I can't have knives to cut steak. I can't have pens to wirte with. And they cut down all the trees in the neighborhood.

One thing they do let me have is a gun. But it's never loaded.