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An example of yummy

Look thine eyes toward the banana...

Bite the screen.
It won't break, honest.
Tis it not one yummy banana?

There. Being the Derren Brown that I am, I have demonstrated the philosophical properties of a dead badger Yummy. It is imbossible to resits, although easy to resist.

The Banana is yummy. It is a mathematical theorem that looks like this:

It is so simple that a three year old can understand it yet so complex that it sends academics scampering into trees and to the produce sections of certain grocery marts somewhere near some very obscure constellations that you can only see through very advanced telescopes. So what else is new? Academics are stupid.

As you can see, beside you is a pillow, at least if you go a few miles north east.

Yummy is also a word about incest.

“Word! (about incest)”

~ Yummy on on itself

Hence the picture next to us: exczxcxzcxcma is a prime example of incest, forcing you to incestuate yourself and anyone not related to you. This involves a complex family tree altercation. Avoidn't it not!

Henceforth, this author shall have writer's block.