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Normal dog 2.jpg
Monkdogs take a vow of silence, and make excellent jams.
Conservation Status
  Least Concern  
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Vertebrata
Class Mammalia
Order Canis
Family Freak Dogs
Genus Monkdoggerel
Species H. Canidae
Width 0.30m (avg)
Length 0.30m (avg)
Binomial Name
Hieromonk Canidae
(R. Dialect, 2011)

Oh shickles. HE'S A BIG GUY!

Don't worry, IAM's dog biscuits keep him happy...

For a while.



[edit] Clarification

Ahem. We're sorry for all that. We try and we try, but some of the little buggers just keep getting into the font bins, and they come with some of the weirdest stuff. Now, we'll just get down to the business at hand, namely, the monkdog.

[edit] Origins

The Monkdog is the state bird of California, and for good reason. They are lovely to have about for earthquake prediction, handle well in excess of 120 mph, drink all your coffee, break into liquor stores, gather in motorcycle gangs and are wanted by the FBI. Most of this breed make their living picking pockets in small cities on the East Coast of the United States.