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Clumps of crab meat.

ParticipaStory is a project created by 3RG0T15T ~offer sacrifices~ to write collaborative stories on Illogicopedia. The writing is based on collaboration with other Illogicopedians in that one Illogicopedian adds one word at a time and so progresses the story. OK, go.

Toilet Fox[edit]

Once in an Afghanistan poopie-hole, yellow smurfs decided to dance with toilets but the soul cannot be broken. So minks attempted to obtain the legendary golden stream of bats piss[1] but eels didn't make enough room for cats. Regardless, the combined effort created an insane repository of words put together in no particular order to make a unique pony called Sweetie Belle, who is now a dimwit but quite nice and can string together tons of words already and a flying horse ate itself.

Solutions to Texas' feral hog problem include heavily armed tactical teams of tripping toilet foxes so bad-smelling that everyone ate cookies and slept in a surgary-cubey candy shop full of meat and pinkie-winkey goodness and as the screams of enjoyment the communist foxes decide to eat cats for lunch and become the newest Great and Powerful Trixie who was eaten by a grue and ponies can still hear muttering about how evil or gorgeous Twilight Sparkle was and it become known as the Conflicted Mare because of....well you know. Then the tigers break free from the zoo and start a tiger revolution about the right to eat all humans.

Nibble the straw hats said a very hungry weevil and who started to consume the chess pieces that were made out of straw for playing cricket and ordering a new beheading block after the Red Queen got her own head lopped off due to being a bossy-pants boots. Who only cared about yelling and being a old witch. The ghosts of the mists of time never forget being made into tin and shipped to children who played with the toys roundly and baking them into sugar.

Irregardless the chilled otters wearing straw hats ate cookies and tried to break free from cupcake prison and who were eaten by a slave who had a big head. Then the anger started to watch Pakistani militants freed from prison in a tree. Then the tree mumbled evil words from a evil mirror that tried to summon naive no-good ponies who didn't understand the World of Illogic. So that's the queen's busy orange envelope. That resulted in sheer tiredness and begging from the king's subjects who were fooled into believing in the king's new invisible clothes as a kid said that he was naked and as you all know no one believes a kid.


Inconspicuous legendary pinheads converged upon Bill O'Reilly, thirsty for chicken and his eyeballs along with a mandatory takeover to hail the chicken goddess Scootaloo and give her the biggest food to eat as well as clucking in her name and organizing a chicken feast in KFC. Only in Ponyville would such nonsense be celebrated. Also the local PETA group tried to take away Fluttershy's animals because horrors of horrors she was feeding cats meat! The group was forced to disband by Princess Twilight Sparkle who did not spend the night sleeping in a mansion with The Great and Powerful Trixie. The news is saying that the Great Hindleyite of Hindley has decided that coprosive datai consciences have ruined trolling and eating cats and dogs like the cat-knaps and the dog-rans who started worshipping dogs and cats by eating them and by selling them to the pound so that Britain can still float on the sea as the gnomes mutter to themselves about paperwork and shadow clones as well as an group of madmen who belived that by hopping on foam mats they could change the world into being more matty. Then of course very annoying reporters called Lotta Hart and Gabby Gums started spearding gossip and nonsense and Discord hates gossip since it ruined one of his favourite hats and caused the truth that Fluttershy had tail extensions and was barred from partaking in the cutest pony contest for sweeping the competition for the 100th time. Then Rarity decided to send a group of people to see her hats and they all cried because of the horrible design which she made hats out of too. This was remarked on by Twilight Sparkle who said it's Tuesday again.....always Tuesday. A official investigans was carried out based on the unlikely hood that always happened on Tuesday. Widespread gossip says that Twilight Sparkle has been showing faviotism towards her friends and making up rules and being a general jerk. Then The Great and Powerful Trixie came and started arguing about the best colour and in typail Illogical style the sun turned bright red then purple and then turned blue and chilled the planet into iced turkeys with a smell of fowl around there little whiny necks of slippery and fishy like a snake mixed in a blender with hot dogs and smiley slippery snake fishy-wishy. Then of course a new cult appeared in town offering to remove all cutie marks and replace them with a equal sign on their flanks which was glistening with hot sweat from hard work and had a salty taste. But the local cult of Ponyville which worshipped the Smooze did not like it and so deleted the new cult members and erased the cult members too and made them part of a new ritual to revive the Smooze.

Manna from Levittown[edit]

The Cheat

Pilchard clowned and clawed reproductive one-celled Hammond organisms, who were dressed as clowns and started trying to get at the fire whisky and instead of doing anything useful he instead ate nine zero nine cats for lunch and dinner and dinnfast. Cable denials saw it go mad and start eating hot sauce and steak along with dogs and cats today my friend! Time to start wolfing down the fur and the paws Sir! What is going on said a cult who loved paws and claws and laws but getting on track they said the trains are being tracked to track land to be tracked by small children who are being tracked by parents. Upon being successfully backtracked tracked, gimbaled, jiggled and forced to drink mutant turtle blood,the alien started ranting and raving about the shadows and the coffee coloured mansion and the darkness lightness along with fish goggly eyes with vampire blood that is shy about almost everything. Then three headed snakes wearing tea bags and chomp snacks feasted on fish and stolen words of sheep to keep wool on the market for snail caps were all the rage these days. Then the Queen ruled that mind-controlling worms should be allowed to do the mind-control to exchange the the gold for more silky wear to control games production which Sony was lying to the worms that feared the ground and sun who loved water and air which made the four elements. Fawns chose rivetable which in turn choose the queen. The queen was feared for reasons unknown. Maybe it was her hair, which was nothing but snakes attached to her head. Whatever the reason was, the fact was that they just didn't like her and were fearful of her, which made her nothing but a ineffectual queen who doesn't know why she is so feared and why no-one ever came to see her so she could dispel the wild theories about her. She soon turned into a horrible orge due to all the hate, which made her look so ugly no one would ever ever like her again.


Cake is cake. "Weasels ripped my flesh", said Frank Zappa. Of course, his mom objected, but what could she do? At least he hadn't joined the Weather Underground. Applejack packed the last container with nails and fungus, hoping to catch a glimpse of harbingers. On the roof, were cackling jackasses, hoping to receive wisdom from a Norse god. Never mind the police documented every third call out of Sal's Pizza. Ah, Sal, where were you when God made the world? Sleeping?

Not for nothing, but if a wise guy tells you to sit still, the wise course of action is to sit still. Belching Hyenas are coming out of the woodwork. Levity was in short supply, wheat stores were down, fanged meats circled the stockade and Alabama outlawed ribbed condoms. Mutulu Shakura was the talker, the narcissist, the gloop fabricator, the one to go down with the ship. He carried 14 tasers at all times, tasing bros at random for fun. It all ended abruptly when one of the partygoers called another "genitalia".

First he played it like he was Romanian, and thought it was a pretty nickname. Then he admitted calling this dude genitalia, but meant it as a revolutionary statement, like "power to the people". Spiro Agnew was briefly brought up as a shield from radio traffic, but was foiled by Karl Rove and Karl Marx (not related).

Now go get me a damned coffee!

Story 7 (Untitled)[edit]

Biscuit had never liked his name, as it was chosen for him by his parents, who were not known for their name-giving skills. In fact, many names in the community were so horrible that as soon as the chance came, many officially changed their name to something less embarrassing. The dogs were not ready. Nor were their anuses. Stale bread started developing despite incestuous Afghanistan


  1. "His majesty is like a stream of bats piss", Monty Python sketch