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Phrubub the cheddarman nose the cheese.
You may or may not be looking for a more general disclaimer, a general disco lamer, or mayhaps even a sensible explanation.

“This is too much for me to take!”

~ Spock on Illogicopedia

?pedia is the official encyclopedia of your mom, which she has secretly been running all these years. At least that's what the administrators claim. I reckon it's another cunning plan concocted by the evil superpowers that be to further oppress the Illogicopedia user. But hey, what do I know? I'm just a carbon based bean. It is an insane repository of words put together in no particular order. We, the writers, editors and megalomaniacal mad scientists hope that You will find our prose amusing, a word which here means; "Interesting for other people to look at and possibly even read, but which must under no circumstances prompt them to quack. Oh, and beware of the salmon moose, lest it moo your nose to the Moon!"

The moon? It's just the back of the sun![edit]

Even Spock recognizes the illogic on this article.

No, The Moon! Which, in case you didn't know, is only accessible by swimming up a waterfall on the Planet Illogi, which in turn is only accessible by jumping down onto the sky. Fnord.

But, by any means, it is not required that your endless baboons babblings be considered funny by anyone - neither objectively or subjectively - to qualify for inclusion. As you must have noticed by now, this is a place where not all is as it seems. Because nothing is real, nothing can be trusted. And, as they say, trust is power. Therefore, nothing is powerful, and can be of great help if you ask nicely. Or something.

All of this is in great contrast to Uncyclopedia, a most dreadful realm of sanity and coherency, which, unlike nothing, does not come to your help regardless of how nicely you ask. Oh, the pain! The painfully painful pain! I'm bleeding love! Blee-da-blee, bleeding love.

And another thing...[edit]

And an important Notice[edit]

By accessing this article you have made Illogicopedia reference itself. Nice job. You just shut down the Internet. Good thing Chuck Norris is always there to get it back up again, huh? Well, good.

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