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  This section is semi-logical; it is meant to be. Prepare to be semi-bored.  
  Semi-Sensible Section  

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What in the name of cheese sense?[edit]

...this is different, eh? -β€” Athyria User talk:AthyriaUser talk:AthyriaUser talk:Athyria 14:24, 8 Arply 2017 (UTC)

wait, I can't understand what are you talking about. cheese sense? πŸ‘ˆ lol πŸ‘‰  lol w/ me●JOIN US
History of lulzz
04:47, 11 Arply 2017 (UTC)


I just wrote this article. I couldn't figure out how to get the illogical periodic table on it, and I might add more content to it later. Cg098 (talk) 01:20, 25 Arply 2017 (UTC)

Check {{Infobox Element}}'s info.
The code on the article looks complicated. Cg098 (talk) 02:14, 27 Arply 2017 (UTC)
  • {{{f}}} = full name
  • {{{x}}} = symbol
  • {{{z}}} = number
  • {{{image}}} = image
  • {{{caption}}} = text below image
  • {{{c}}} = group (also defines the color)
  • {{{n}}} = neutron (only for the isotope article!!)
  • {{{h}}} = half-life (omit = stable)
  • {{{d}}} = decay mode
  • {{{dd}}} = decay product
  • {{{dp}}} = decay parent
  • {{{ph}}} = phase
  • {{{g}}} = group number
  • {{{p}}} = period number
  • {{{o}}} ~ {{{o7}}} = orbital structure (bit complicated)
  • {{{sc}}} = color
  • {{{sh}}} = hardness
...wait, isn't that all listed in that template page's infobox? πŸ‘ˆ lol πŸ‘‰  lol w/ me●JOIN US
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03:26, 27 Arply 2017 (UTC)
That helps. Cg098 (talk) 05:54, 29 Arply 2017 (UTC)
Good. well there is also {{{xl}}} {{{xr}}} {{{xu}}} {{{xd}}} {{{ss}}} {{{sm}}} {{{sb}}} {{{si}}}... and {{{other}}} stuff. πŸ‘ˆ lol πŸ‘‰  lol w/ me●JOIN US
History of lulzz
06:39, 29 Arply 2017 (UTC)