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Why did I make this article? Because I felt like stuffing the main page up my nose.

But now this page is very short, and unless I add more text, it will probably get deleted. It's a good thing that once this is published, no one except Cg098 will be able to have the experience of knowing what it was like before it was fully formed. Unless someone vandalizes it, and someone who hasn't seen the page yet sees it before the vandalism gets reverted.

HOWEVER, if I had put some number between any two adjacent words, and then removed it right before saving, it would be even more difficult to have that experience. There are an infinite number of numbers, but a smart person who knew what kind of computer I use could figure out an upper limit. There are obviously a finite number of pairs of adjacent words on this page.

When I was in elementary school, my mind used to boggle itself like this a lot.

The first person to list all the logical errors in this article wins an imaginary lifetime supply of rainbow lolipops.(!)