Anna, Fars

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For those who can't handle the real truth, the spinners of fake truth at Wikipedia have a thoroughly boring article on Anna, Fars.

Anna, Fars was a made up town in Iran. It's true name is Anna, Bökçoycfu el Minqatan Meeple Meeple Ekki-ekki-ekki-ekki-ptang, Fars. People discovered it when Mustapha Mond accidentally told students about it. Then he had to send himself to an island. The population consists of one tire, four people, and 43,741 chickens. The census report basically consists of the word "chicken" repeated over and over for about, and this is a rough approximation here, 874.8228374923 pages. In fact, all the chickens formed an army and a tax department/agency. Their first target to invade will be the silence in the depths of my trailer Australia. They also make good chocolate. The pretext will be a druid drawing a map for his friend in the sand threee metres away from teh village. It'll be called the Druid-Chicken War.

Tourists acting like complete jackasses in Anna, Fars[edit]

Tourists don't often visit Anna, Fars, but when they do, they act like complete jackasses.

Results of the Druid-Chicken War[edit]

It was a stalemate because the chickens are an unstoppable force and the druids are an immovable object. Because the former were 100% and the latter were some other percent. Bing bing bing.