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  1. God knows.
  2. It stinks of fish. That's what you get having a penguin, a Nerd and a Wiganer as admins.
  3. I do, now do as I say.
  4. I do, now do as I say.
  5. In the freezer where you left it.
  6. You. You'd forget your fingers if they weren't attached to your hands. Oh wait...
  7. Your dog.
  8. I am, dummy.
  9. She was eaten by a monster.
  10. Fol.
  11. MySpace would be pink.
  12. Cos if it were purple we'd all explode.
  13. Anywhere you aren't.
  14. Sure, if you can lend me a fiver.
  15. No, British (English)
  16. With salt or vinegar?
  17. On your head.
  18. Yes, when you lend me that fiver.
  19. Most certainly.
  20. Cos we're entering the radiation apocalypse. Run for your wives!
  21. Apparently, yes.
  22. No, nobody expects the Wikia inquisition.
  23. No, I don't know how many furlongs are in a mile.
  24. Cheese.
  25. No.
  26. Because they're old.
  27. Of course!

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