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All Things Bat Fuck This article pertains to things which are Bat Fuck
and contains possible Adult Content. People with mental illness or Brain Lock may want to avoid reading this. Others are cautioned that reading this article may cause mental illness or brain lesions.

Dead monkey reserves are dangerously low when flashing.

It seems the brand new Bat Fuck Logistics is a transport company, a postal service and a travel agency rolled into one. It seems it was inspired by a set of universal protocols for transporting packages, such as, 'Don't leave the cabbages where the goat could eat them, or the goats where the lions could eat them.'

So far it has been majorly successful.

Fourth-Class To Antarctica[edit]

BFL specialises in shipping unwanted humans away, usually to Antarctica, but they have also been known to ship to the Sahara Desert - usually in a box with no food or water, but alternatively, if you pay I$15 extra, they can provide a dog bowl. With dog food in it.


64th Street/Vandalpedia, 72nd Street/Wednesday, 73rd Street/What Links Here, wait, why am I listing ITA stations?

Mink is not a mink, fink is not a fink, gink is not a gink, qink is not a qink, in fact, use ervey lteter you can.

In fact...[edit]

This is the sort of mindless nonsense that goes through the head(s) of one who is being transported to the frozen wastes of Nothing.

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