Bee Ass D

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“I can't Bee Arse'D.”

~ God on the alleged second coming of Jesus in the form of JesusBSD

“Is that why bees can't poop?”

~ A creationist on not having read the man page

Bee Ass D is a term (not to be confused with an xterm) referring to the result of the posterior part of a bee coming into contact with a D, as commonly occurs when bees land on our keyboards at night in order to hold their regular hacking sessions.

When bees press the D-key, magic happens and Unixy software appears out of nowhere; this software is pretty common, and the names of such distributions are typically shortened to BSD. Various development practices have been used over the years in order to induce the production of BSD software:

  • The use of free bees led to FreeBSD.
  • The placing of a keyboard on an open field resulted in the creation of OpenBSD – a system that became very secure as a sinister pufferfish soon decided to begin carefully auditing the work of the bees.
  • Bees retrieved from spider webs ended up building NetBSD.
  • Feeding bees to a dragonfly gave it the habit - otherwise uncommon in these insects - of pressing keys on keyboards; moreover, it appears to have become an excellent hacker, and its accomplishments as seen in the DragonFly BSD project often fly in the face of what one would expect from such an arrangement.

How bees ended up typing 'D's on our keyboards at night in the first place remains a mystery, but it is generally thought that some sort of daemonic influence might play a part.