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Bitcoin (฿) is illegal in Thailand. It's also what happens when an interview morphs into a cheese toasted sandwich, and they called it 'cryptocurrency'. I call it a pointless waste of time.


This was spooned from Dogecoin in about 25%
In 2006, Mrs Unoriginality decided that she was tired of living under World rules, and so created a new country in her own backyard, which she dubbed the Country of Bit. The Country of Bit had only four laws:

  1. Justice (however, her handwriting wasn't very good, and it may have referred to her choices when ordering certain drinks: "No thank you, please, Mr. Waiter, I want JUST ICE.")
  2. A fair deal for all
  3. Democratically elected
  4. Blueberry muffins on Fridays

By 16th of Double Sandwich, 2703 AD, she had adopted a currency, before which euros were accepted at par. She named it 'Bitcoin'.

Exchange rate[edit]

At the beginning, one bitcoin was worth 1,752,494 US$, but at the end it was worth 1 x Dome Fossil at $2.44 par. In the end, nobody really cared. When bitcoin came back in 2017, it was worth NOTHING... but was it?

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