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“Aw, puppy!”

~ Dumb caveman about to meet his demise

“They are NOT lizards! When will people learn?”

~ Nerd

Dinosaurs are really big lizards that were killed off by a big stone a lon lon longlonglonglonglonglong... Gzzzt.... brain chip melting... melting.... melmelmelPYOOOOOOW!

What really happened[edit | edit source]

Jesus taking a ride upon one

Jesus was like, hey, dinos are everywhere. So he biult a time machine to go to Noahś ark andd drown the dinos in an Oceans 11 style heist. Then he went back and relized there was 2 jesuses and he went to the future and became tom crusie

They were killed by a Fiat Uno driven by Prince Philip. Fact. At least according to The Daily Mail.

But...[edit | edit source]

They were brought back to life! To live again! At this time! Alive! Again! With alive, again, at-

Yeah, they were brought back to life by those Jurassic Park people. With extremely bad graphics.

Boy that movie sucked.

In conclusion...[edit | edit source]

Dinosaurs died out becuase you touch yourself at night. yeeeeup.

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