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Cigarettes are elbow decorations that resemble Horriblefish. They are of a big size and they beeline digraphs.

Cigarettes by country[edit | edit source]

Hindunesia[edit | edit source]

Cigarettes are popular in Hindunesia because of a cultural fascination with elbows. If a woman wears cigarettes, she is known as a "gulur diskur af gulum fiski". (Yes, Icelandic is widely spoken in Hindunesia.

Japan[edit | edit source]

Cigarettes were introduced to Japan in 1912 by I-Forgot-His-Surname Jun. They are moderately popular.

America[edit | edit source]

Cigarettes are greatly esteemed among older Americans because, in order to avoid disclosing secret military technology to the Soviets, the U.S. government claimed that the mysterious power of Richard Nixon's elbows derived from the many cigarettes he festooned them with. However, younger Americans don't believe a word of this, because a rabbit told them that "jet fuel can't vaporize steel hairstyles".

Umbrellistan[edit | edit source]

Cigarettes, along with all other elbow decorations, are banned in Umbrellistan, with or without a prescription. This is because of a passage from the Bipson Gerbil (Umbrellistanian holy book) which states "Weena weena zimzam fargle in the and the before my fhdjieold bssbpn ayyyy" (that's an English translation, by the way). When read sideways according to the Chopin-Sarger method, this passage says "plain elbow".

Linguistic Attributes[edit | edit source]

Etymology[edit | edit source]

The word "cigarette" is ultimately descended from the Proto-Indo-European root *dʰugH₂núk̂rū́ʰemon- ("flesh-eating leprechaun").

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