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Cohanna DeVail (born as Cohanna O'Hearne) was an Irish singer-songwriter (1897 - 1971).


She grew up in Galway where she early developed an audible talent to music. 1918 she married the archaelogist Roy DeVail (1881 - 1941), against the advice of her friends. Her most famous work, The Lorkenborv cathedral, is possible based on some of his documents. According to her husband she wrote the title of the poem in a rare local dialect which is only in use on Anglesey nowadays.
During the war, she stopped her musical career and became an OSS agent. She had been contacted because of connctions her husband had made between 1926 and 1935. In the following years, she performed missions in England, Ireland, Germany and Nebraska. She died 1971 in a tragic accident, short before the completion of her biography. The manuscript was declared as classified.

Selected Publications, Songs and Poetry[edit]

  • In the mere (1918)
  • The Lorkenborv cathedral (1919)
  • Under an envious moon (1921)
  • Shillandangdang (1925)
  • The wretched (1927)
  • Miserycordia (1930)
  • I want lemons (1931)
  • The shine (1935)
  • Falling from the sky (1939)
  • The war that broke the world (1941)