World War II

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Fnürdelein, Fnürdelein, Fnürdelein!

~ Hitler at the end
World Wart Zwei

World War II's most known result.

Conflict: The Great War part II (Pink Floyd)
Date: 1940s
Place: The World
Outcome: The Germans lost, again, hahahah!
Allied forces Hitler's Happy Fun Time Band
Large concrete structure Adolf Hitler
Planes 'n' stuff Guhns
32,000. Million. probably 700 brillion or something idk i am british

World War I - World War II

World War 2? Oh, that thing. It all started when this German guy named Hitler said "Kill de Jews!" and all his German Nazis started killing Jews and such. (What's the such for?) Now you're probably wondering why the heck countries such as The United States and England or Russia, or Poland, or China, or Italy, or, Canada?, or even Japan was in this war. I would say, "I dunno" if I was stupid but I say "I do not know" because I am smart.

Okay, okay, I know why the United States joined. It all started in the year 18458 A.D.B.C. Some day in Arply where a bunch of pissed off Japanese pilots they called Kamikazes (sp?) bombed a naval base in Hawaii. Back then, Hawaii was still a United States territory. Well so, the U.S. naturally got pretty pissed off so they declared war on all the countries they called the Axis. Well, I know most of this from school and Call of Duty 1-3 and I'm not an expert but this was a "Big" war, per say.

Well, lemme tell you the last 4 years of the war in about a paragraph. Eh hem.

The Germans continued to kill Jews, the Allies invaded Rome, Italy and the Italians surrendered. The war went on for a while and the U.S. and the English climbed up a cliff off a French coast the Germans were controlling, you may of heard of it. It's called D-Day, the D meaning... uh... Delightful? Well the Allies won that fight and we fought some more and the Germans surrendered. Japan didn't surrender so we started something called "The Manhattan Project" or "NUKE!!!" So the U.S. nuked two Japanese cities killing millions and messing up a bunch of babies.

Resolution[edit | edit source]

Now Japan isn't evil, Hitler is dead, Italy's not evil and neither is Germany. For some reason, Japan forgave us for nuking them (why?). People now brag about, being "vets". So what if you're a veterinarian? And there's people that brag about being veterans. World War II was a great war, a terrible war, a... Nazi war? So next time you play Call of Duty, say, "Wow, this game is awesome" and then say, "Wow this is about World War II. Hmmmm... Didn't I read an Illogicopedia article about this? Naw, that was Toast...".