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“What yo will be if yo mess wif mister T!”

~ Mr. T on enemies

Enemies... Enemies enemies ene... Anemonies? Like underwater?


Enemies are people that you hate. Like, 'I want to kill them' kind of hate. It could also mean, say, if you are competing in a 'change your name legally to bob in a bounce house courtroom while drinking your cheese and eating your juice' the other person would be an enemy.

Example of common enemies[edit]

Some guy named Bob who has a bounce house courtroom and has cheese for drinking and juice for eating-Just plain some guy-Barney-That dog down the street who always barks in the middle of the night and sits quietly and innocent looking when you march up to the owner and complain.


Nah, I like the insaniphone better, don't you!


I... I take that as a yes.


I don't know, do you know, self?
Umm, I'm you so my answer is the same.
And what is that?
... ... ... ...
I asked me a question, so I want an answer!
You are insane.
Aha! But I am the same person, so you are too!
Finally. *sigh* I understand now. Waitwhat? I'm not insane!
Yes, you just called yourself it.
No... Or yess... Or plooblah.
You're crazy.
A-hem. You just got a taste of your own medicine.
I hate multiple personality disorder.