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Euroiprods is a company willing to poke people in exchange for:

a) Money

b) Reffering friends to do the same.

c) Tightly rolled balls of money.

d) A role in Barry Scott the musical.

e) The chance to prove to the world that Michael Jackson is only a story meant to scare children.

f) Your blood.

g) A sack of swinging doorknobs.

h) Weapons of Mass Destruction.

i) Weapons of Mass Disruption (i.e. weapons that annoy bearded catholics during their mass).

j) A version of "Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me" sung by Tony Blair.

k) Your soul.

l) My soul.

i) The deleted internet photoes of Dobby eating peoples skin.

j) K. Rowling.

k) Etcetera.

l) Unharrased Welsh sheep.

m) People with facial genitalia.

n) Video footage of where sexual innuendo has gone horribly wrong and has henceforth lead to impalement and insanity.

o) Size 17 Shoes - Big Foot's feet are getting cold.

p) Discarded limbs.

q) Sweet, sweet nectar.

r) Intelligence.

s) Foam taken from someone who was foaming at the mouth as they fantasised about Winnie the Pooh going to town with a chainsaw in the Cbeebies Studio.

t) Your wife.

u) Large road signs that randomly point out in detail how the passers-by suck in general.

v) Milhouse's brain!

w) The sheriff.

x) Male squirrels who have happend to bury the wrong nuts.

y) Ads by Google.

z) The conclusion to this article.

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