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Hey, you! Yes, you!
Some anally-retentive person wants you to know this article appears to have something in it that contradicts the article Death (probably in a minor way). Please do nothing to remedy this.


The soul is an entity that lives inside people. It slowly devours them until they die, and then it flies off somewhere.

Many religious types believe that the soul is the thing that makes you what you are, but they are sorely mistaken. Scie Magic has shown that the soul has a detrimental effect to ones existence. Many people in the past have attempted to separate their soul using black magic, one famous case being Richard Nixon. In reality the soul is a parasite, similar to the way that artists are a parasite to society. Swallowing bleach or maybe battery acid will most often result in the separation of the soul from the body. If it does not, please contact your local voodoo shaman immediately, or try shooting yourself.

Nowadays the soul can be removed with a soulectomy. I won't begin to tell you how much that costs. You'll wonder if the figure I give you is a telephone number (which it is).

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