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Evilution is a naturalistic theory invented by Charles Darwin that says eyries come from griffins. It contradicts God and the ultimate authority, the Bible. There is NO proof of evilution, and little wimpy scientist gays in white labcoats are never going to find it.

Not only does it say we evilved from from monkeys but it explicitly denies the existence of God. That is its real purpose. And that is why Satan inspired Darwin to write it.

Scientists use the theory of evilution whenever they want to deny God. The existence of the universe? Use evilution. The creation of life? Use evilution. The fossil record? Use evilution. Nuclear bombs? Use evilution.


Evilution is never outlined in the Bible or any associated media. The concept was only invented in 1992, some 3,000 years after the world's original creation date, and thus, like the education system, is irrefutably a mog-made fabrication used as an oppression tool in the western world.

Social Evilution[edit]

All black people are less evilved than white people and the writer of this article is an unsocial element who should be liquidated to prevent him or her from reproducing and thus contaminating the gene pool. Thank God for scientific science!


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