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6th Edition
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Braccae illae virides cum subucula rosea et tunica Caledonia-quam elenganter concinnatur!
Saturday, 3 Serpeniver 2011
The Illogicopedian Times is a registered charitable organization dedicated to keeping de-institutionalized cluck loonies happy and busy all day drawing new issues with their crayons held firmly between their toes. We're doing what we can to keep our streets safe for ordinary citizens. The least you can do is read it. Pardon the toe smudges.
Lessons Learned This Week

Another interesting week. What know I now that I knew not?

  1. The secret to curing Wiki Obsession, is that there is no cure, but I highly recommend some wikiphilandering so that you can spread your seeds of contributive goodness over multiple sites. It feeds your addiction while giving the illusion that you're not too terribly attached to any one in particular. The best best distraction is to start your own wiki, if you can. There is tons of work to keep you busy, especially if you're building it alone. That said, please drop by The Illogicomedia Foundation. Your new home away from home when Roberto is on strike.
  2. Drinking and editing don't mix, so turn off that computer or unplug the cable modem before the drinking begins. Otherwise you're liable to VFF articles about belching hyenas, or profess your undying love via the Sitenotice.
  3. Pancake chicken must exist. And will. Soon.
  4. I've still got it, baby!
  5. Convention would demand that I have a fifth item for my list. But we're unconventional. You knew that.

See you next week.

Uncle Pete, You Drama Queen
By Some user

Just in case you needed another whack with the clue-by-four as to why you come here instead of Uncyclopedia, here's an update to confirm that pseudo-policies, politicking and penis-posturing are still alive and well, prompting more users to quit.

Just today, Frosty showed up at our door with a report of the goings-on of our second cousin, twice removed, and notifying us that he had quit the wiki due to drama, BUTT POOP!!!!, deopping admins, power struggles, lack of admins prepared to ban users that are established and doing dumb things, lack of common sense, [and] drama":

This on the heels of other related, unresolved issues:

Bored of Trustees? Election Coming!

The Illogicomedia Foundation, the organization that holds their hand our for donations, and for slapping by various legislative bodies, is pleased to announce it is holding elections for new officers.

The Board of Trustees manages the Foundation and supervises its associated Projects. In theory. It might also be a shell organization for smuggling seafood into the country to feed Seppy's troubling herring addiction. Whatever it does, it currently consists of five actual Trustees. Additionally, there are five other honourary positions that confer an interesting title and no power whatsoever.

All terms are in effect until December 2012, with the exception of the position of Chair, which is non-elected, permanent, and unavailable.

Interested? Get started now! Nominations and voting is in effect immediately, and will continue until the the Foundation's BDFL decides that sufficient time has been wasted.

My Considered Opinion

Hey there where ya goin', not exactly knowin', who says you have to call just one place home. He's goin' everywhere, B.J. McKay and his best friend Bear. He just keeps on movin', ladies keep improvin', every day is better than the last. New dreams and better scenes, and best of all I don't pay property tax. Rollin' down to Dallas, who's providin' my palace, off to New Orleans or who knows where. Places new and ladies, too, I'm B.J. McKay and this is my best friend Bear.

Worst Article Ever not actually that bad
By Athyria

I was pretending to read the Worst Article Ever (WAE) the other day and it didn't seem bad at all. In fact, it seemed to be a book about designing everyday objects, probably because that was what I actually was reading whilst pretending to peruse the WAE lineup. See, that's what WAE is - a competition, not a particular article... who'd have thunk? Not most of us, apparently, as we've evidently been avoiding the thing, or at least I assume we have, since I have. I didn't actually look. I probably should, shouldn't I? Hmm...

Well, meantime, you all should go give it a look-see too, make Colonel Sanders feel less neglected, and all...