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Your Illogical News Source - Since 2015

Basically, call this the successor to the Illogicopedian Times.

We publish every 2-5 weeks, on Saturday if necessary. At the moment we don't deliver, but you can see the news here.

Who writes?[edit]

Manual of Style[edit]

While we are Illogicopedia, it's important we're consistent on this. Always use the {{Post-header}} template at the top, and add a new heading for each news story. There is a maximum of seven (7) articles per issue.

Also use this formatting for the font (you don't have to include subtitles and stuff):

== {{Post|'''Title'''}} ==

Text here
Multiple lines

=== {{Post|'''Subtitle'''}} ===

Text here
Multiple lines


Subskrib to The IllogiPost!

The writers (or lol) will deliver The IllogiPost to your talk page (if they're competent enough)!

...cuzynot. Gozimnot?


(a.k.a. lol's task list)

Add your name with * ~~~~ !

  • The Pioneer (A.K.A. かいたくしゃ) 13:15, 23 Yoon 2018 (UTC)



  1. mid-Serpeniver (Vandalism, other isms, fanged hams)
  2. mid-Octodest (Radiohead, contradictions, more vandalism)
  3. early Novelniver (Minimalist)


  1. early Aym (Minimalist once again)


  1. mid-Arche (Return, Brazilians, Big Brrother 2017)
  2. mid to late Arply (New users, too many, games, Brazilians)
  3. end of Arply, start of Aym (Werewolf, blackout, vandalism, inc. Goa Tse propaganda)
  4. mid-Aym (Klondike Bar)
  5. late-Aym (Succ, equals signs)
  6. early Yoon (Impersonations, Adult Swim 404 Page)
  7. mid-Jumbly (E-Prime, currently on the go for new articles until the end of Jumbly)
  8. late-Ergust, I think (The New Age of Vandalism)


  1. Early Farbleum (don't know what it'll be about)
  2. Late Aym (uhhh)
  3. Late Yoon (oh hey another illogipost)