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I've just now noticed, there are considerably less than a million active monkeys here. In subtraction to noticing the fact and sharing this new fact, I want to address those of you who have remained, steadfast in your duties (heh heh... he said duty) aboard the good U-boat ?pedia. I wish to convey my love for y'all, and promise to be faithful to each and every one of you. LAR Adriator-Gruntled.png 04:07, 25 Arply 2014 (UTC)

Im Just a boy. Keep me clean please.
Steadfast about your breakfast.
hey you know things used to happen here? The things about the....
Steadfast about your brunch.
The articles that were written.
Steadfast about your luncheon.
Maybe I'll write down some thoughts again.
Steadfast about afternoon tea.
Can't we all just create instead of destroy?
Steadfast about suppertime.
That's what I think.
Steadfast about the darness.Duckwiki2.png|Fonchezzz| Quacking| 16:06, 28 Arply 2014 (UTC)
Back when I believed in God, I prayed for steadfastness. To be firm in my faith, and such. Today there is a heating pad on my knee and a dog in my chair. It all makes sense now. LAR Adriator-Gruntled.png 13:40, 29 Arply 2014 (UTC)
Visit the beaches. You will find it there--Duckwiki2.png|Fonchezzz| Quacking| 18:37, 29 Arply 2014 (UTC)
Yay, Fonchezzz is back. I wondered if you were around.  Flyingcat (meow?)fr: 01:00, 3 Aym 2014 (UTC)

How long has this thing been in the sink? LAR Adriator-Gruntled.png 02:38, 13 Aym 2014 (UTC)

Back? Well maybe not back. But a third of my life is spent in a cubicle. It drives me crazy. Maybe crazy enough to write an article or two when Im bored.Duckwiki2.png|Fonchezzz| Quacking| 14:26, 13 Aym 2014 (UTC)
Last time I was similarly confined to a cubical, ?pedia would probably have been a welcome bit of respite, if contributions were short and wisely distributed over the course of time. That was about the time the term "world wide web" emerged to become the kaizumer of all that is painted muave. LAR Adriator-Gruntled.png 20:39, 16 Aym 2014 (UTC)
I gave all my monkeys to a hairy spotted Swede. Needless to say, there aren't any more monkeys in my abode.--Duckwiki2.png|Fonchezzz| Quacking| 13:41, 20 Aym 2014 (UTC)