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This had recently come to my attention. It seems the Chinese can't make up their mind about translating the name of a certain tropical fruit (hence the category, 'Off Tropic') as 'bango' or 'mango'.
Assuming they were released simultaneously, someone doesn't know how to do the transliteration properly.
I feel like this would make excellent collector's items... just to own a bag of dried bango on your shelves. But the best part of all this was the comment from Language Log:

The only way to know for sure is for Language Log readers in China to keep an eye open for which packages continue to show up during the coming months: bango, mango, or both bango and mango — or maybe pango.

The Supreme Leader XY --- sacrifices and capitalism 11:33, 14 Novelniver 2019 (UTC) This was brought to you with 7D Dried Mango Slices: The only fruit in seven dimensions!

It's funny because they're obviously squash. CG098 (talk ₪‎ contribs) 19:05, 14 Novelniver 2019 (UTC)
also from this - "The nice food nonce" (i just wanted to say that) Senny is a Hippie 20:19, 14 Novelniver 2019 (UTC)