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Intense Volleyball... Is it up your butt?

— Kroger

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Just a note: I'm still somewhat active on here. I know I've (mostly) dropped off this flat earth, mostly because of Responsibilities(tm). If you need anything from me, just screa at me on my talk page, or scream at me via email. Senny is a Hippie 16:45, 21 Jeremy 2020 (UTC)

About Me[edit]

I used to be 80GallonsOfGas, but I've decided to use Senny as my main account. You can call me senny, bianca, flaming hippie, whatever you want. I like listening to music, watching sports, drawing, and writing. Wikipedia escapee (find me at SouthernKangaroo). i may or may not have escaped from the base of mental unhealth. Wait, what? I didn't say anything, what are you talking about? Also a member of the Strangled Cat Party. And ya, i'm definately willing to do a collab.
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The greatest Cleverbot duet

Pages to Watch[edit]

Music I Like[edit]

it's on this supbage here


userboxes - exactly what it says on the tin
datadump - utter shite (stories from high school and other things)
my genius creations - being moderately sleep deprived has its advantages, it seems
funny quotes - a collection of quotes
spam spam spammity spam - itsfreerealestate ON WHEELS!!!11!!1


all here on this supbagel

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quarks n stuff[edit]

i made a thing are you proud of me
My controversial cancer wants to squishify your operating systems
people do the funniest things
YES, this is a real street