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See here for more political parties. Why would you leave? Why? When there is free cake and dead mice for your pet cat right here!

Who doesn't love a good ism?, or The only party built upon adolescent hormonal fluctuations.
Leader Also leads Business and Giratinite Union proceedings
Founded In the Beginning of Everything (i.e. 2015)
Headquarters Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high
Political Ideology Isms and free cake for all
Website right here
Official deputy Gozimnot
Parliamentary colour Spring green and purple

“My two cents; is it not most illogical to have an absentee president?”

“You crimish criminal of... crime!”

~ The worst insult we can throw at an opposition, maybe with the addition of the word 'zesty'

Anyway we are the first party of the Opposition meaning that your Illogiment can now argue against us! After all, what's the point of politics if you can't turn the whole thing into a huge virtual bloodbath?


The Ism Party, like it was mentioned before, is a political party of Illogicopedia that belongs to the not-so-new Opposition of Off Tropic, a distinct group of (future) political parties that are not (and will not be) affiliated with... the Illogiment. *shivers in disgust*


The Ism Party believes in isms, that should be clear as mud to anybody who wishes to join. We are part of the ?politic Opposition, consisting of us, the Ami Army, the Pizza Party and the Non-Existent Party[1]. So far (1.06 last update, using British date format) so good. We have some rules:

  1. No death in blogging accidents. We cannot be held responsible.
  2. Be warned: anti-Flabebism ahead. We support dragon rights, have that be known. This has been changed, as it was highly controversial.
  3. We want isms. That should be obvious.
  4. Be illogical.
  5. Attack the Coalition's weak point for massive damage. The 'Coalition' is hereby defined as all other non-Opposition parties. Snarf.
  6. See also Littenism. We support Littenists. And never say anything negative to that lot.
  7. Our national religion is Hindleyism. Ergotism, it's good. Pastafarianism and Discordianism are OK. Zimizmizm, we agree with. SubGenius, hmm, a bit sketchy. Scientology is extremely weird. Goa Tse is outright blasphemy. Watch out for Goa Tse propagandists. Unless he joins the Ism Party, we can't agree. Note: As of 3rd September, he has been suspended from all proceedings.
  8. On a similar note, ILLOGISOC is banned.

Current Members[edit]

Former Members[edit]

  1. Nobody create a link to THIS one!


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