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...anymore. I saw that discussion 2+2=5 and CG098 had with Athyria about moving all my ctribs to one account. They said not to, because they think im just boosting my edit count, but im not. Im doing it because me and those accounts are one and the same, and it would make sense. They wanted instead, to just having links to blocked accounts to make me look bad. That means, if i get voted for IOTM (which will never happen according to you peoples), then the admin giving it to me will take it of me because, "You were a vandal." Sure, but that was the past. Dont bring up the past. danny!Text 06:05, 6 Ditzimber 2017 (UTC)

The discussion

Hey I'm moustache

Can you move edits from my following altaccounts to my one?

They are really my alt accounts, even ask the community. danny!Text 07:12, 1 Ditzimber 2017 (UTC) ps: try not to break the wiki!

Is this... actually important? What's wrong with just linking to them as alts? -— Athyria User talk:AthyriaUser talk:AthyriaUser talk:Athyria 20:05, 5 Ditzimber 2017 (UTC)
Maybe the fact that they would look like sockpuppets used to evade a ban, which is exactly what they are. CG098 (talk ₪‎ contribs) 22:58, 5 Ditzimber 2017 (UTC)
I recommend embracing your sockpuppets and wearing them on your face. -— Athyria User talk:AthyriaUser talk:AthyriaUser talk:Athyria 00:46, 6 Ditzimber 2017 (UTC)
Wait, doesn't trying to do something like this look worse, though? Now I'm lost. -— Athyria User talk:AthyriaUser talk:AthyriaUser talk:Athyria 00:50, 6 Ditzimber 2017 (UTC)
I think what's going on is that Danny is proud of his edits on all three accounts and wants to get credit for them (or to boost his edit count). However, if he just links to them, it will look bad because he's linking to banned accounts. CG098 (talk ₪‎ contribs) 01:10, 6 Ditzimber 2017 (UTC)
I second Cg098's statement. 2+2=5 SPEAK TO ME, ILLOGIAN! Past accounts of sodomy RAVENOUS AND RUTHLESS CAPITALISM The greatest article in the history of Illogia! 04:15, 6 Ditzimber 2017 (UTC)

Further discussion

Weren't you bringing up the past first? The rational thing to do would be to dissociate yourself from those accounts. The admins are already being lenient in allowing you to have this account, yet you're resorting to personal attacks against 2+2=5. CG098 (talk ₪‎ contribs) 13:47, 6 Ditzimber 2017 (UTC)

Christmas came early!

*gasp* Personal attacks launched by some disgruntled user against me, 2+2=5?! I am shocked! It's as if it's actually the first time he's doing this to me! The sheer audacity of this child, further enhanced by his internet anonymity! And the fact that he refuses to drop the insulting attitude that made him particularly obnoxious back when he actually was a vandal makes this case of virulent dissatisfaction all too familiar...
Let me be direct and precise enough in a manner that you may hopefully understand: Danny, by creating this forum, you have displayed 1.) an unwillingness to disregard your past transgressions as a vandal, 2.) an unwillingness to treat other users in an appropriately courteous manner, as seen by your tasteless insults at the top of this forum, 3.) a blatant lack of a change in character, which is something you claimed to have undergone after your time as a vandal, and 4.) an ironic inability to let go of the past based on your desire to have those past accounts become a part of you.
Need I remind you that what you just did is sufficient grounds for a ban?
Danny, if you hadn't resorted to insulting Cg098 and me at the very beginning of this forum and instead resorted to providing a rationale for wanting to have the contributions of your former accounts linked to your current account, then we would've taken you seriously. Your request would have probably been denied by Athyria nonetheless, but at least there would have been no temper-tantrums thrown around here.

"Don't bring up the past."

Here is where I am confused: you don't want us to bring up the past, yet you want to have your icky past merged into your present. How does that make sense? "Im doing it because me and those accounts are one and the same, and it would make sense." No, you and those accounts essentially are not one and the same, unless that is your way of admitting that you still are a vandal or you still wish to associate yourself with your former vandal-self (which makes no sense if you want to keep a good image of yourself). Why do you still wish to cling to your past as a vandal? If one bothered to look through your contributions, it ironically would make you look bad. If I used to have a different account as a vandal, I would sure as hell distance myself away from it and instead work with whatever new account I have to establish a substantially better image of myself. But, with the onset of this flagrantly-introduced forum, all of your efforts have been for naught.

So, what now?

Danny, this type of behavior is inexcusable. Insulting others is not an effective way to get what you want. For that, based on our rules of conduct, your behavior is sufficient grounds for a banning. However, I have something else in mind. I was originally gonna ban you for a week so you could think about your actions and you could subsequently come clean with us, but that would be too naive of me. So, Danny, if you still wish to stay with us here at Illogicopedia, then you must:

  1. Argue (in a civilized and respectful manner) why you should continue to be a part of this website at this forum
  2. See what the community decides


  1. Drop your request to have your past accounts' contribs merged with your present account at this forum
  2. Subsequently renounce your affiliation with any account you had prior to the one you are presently using as a definitive sign of moving on from your vandal past
  3. Issue an apology to those you have insulted (XY007, Cg098, Gruntled, and me) on each user's talk page
  4. Promise to not do something like this again for the last and final time
  5. Promise to make better articles[1]

Failure to comply will result in a 6-month ban if you're silent, or an indefinite ban if you decide to act up. By following and completing the procedures above, you are holding yourself accountable for all actions, past, present, and future. Should you relapse into an inflammatory and derisive temperament in the future, you will be banned indefinitely without prior notice, as it would be a violation of your promises.

Don't make me regret being patient with you, Danny. Your behavior doesn't quite make you popular around here. 2+2=5 SPEAK TO ME, ILLOGIAN! Past accounts of sodomy RAVENOUS AND RUTHLESS CAPITALISM The greatest article in the history of Illogia! 21:39, 6 Ditzimber 2017 (UTC)

  1. After you are acquitted, you will be subject to a three-strike system wherein if you fail to produce articles of any substantial substance and merit, you will be issued a warning. Repeating this up to the third time will result in your indefinite ejection from Illogicopedia. This three-strike system will be implemented for the sake of ensuring that you are capable of constructively contributing to Illogicopedia. Once you have demonstrated an ability to enrich Illogicopedia, I will forget about the system altogether.


No matter what I write, it will get deleted. Even if it's as good as this. You two wanted me to look bad. So I might just look bad. I cunt tall the dickface and cocknock are sox, like you said. Might just replace my user page with "I am a vandal. Cheesy face."

Ok then. No matter what I will still ban you. 2+2=5 SPEAK TO ME, ILLOGIAN! Past accounts of sodomy RAVENOUS AND RUTHLESS CAPITALISM The greatest article in the history of Illogia!

Well actually, go ahead. I don't care. I might even get rid of all affiliation I have had with this site. You guys won't care. This is why I am doomed to fail.

  1. I fail to see how that is possible.
  2. The answer will be: no.


  1. I already did.
  2. Yeah but ill get blocked by a non-2+2=5 admin for QDing userpages.[1]
  3. What do you think?[2]
  4. Basically will be me lying.[3]
  5. Again, that isn't possible.[4]

This is the only right thing I have done. Respond. To be honest I should have got the 6 month ban. danny!Text 08:51, 7 Ditzimber 2017 (UTC)

You're opting for the indefinite ban then. CG098 (talk ₪‎ contribs) 17:39, 7 Ditzimber 2017 (UTC)
  1. There's this magical thing called unblocking. Besides, nobody will miss those user pages anyway.
  2. I think that this is your way saying that you refuse to apologize, kiddo. Fair enough.
  3. Is that how you see it or is it the way you think we see it?
  4. Yes, it isn't possible... without effort.

You've fulfilled one requirement, but you refuse to apologize. Furthermore, your pessimistic views on yourself and your situation did not help your case at all.

If only you did not resort to insulting others. If only you meant it at Forum:Bye?.

You are adamant in your refusal to follow the requirements above. How sordid. *opens clipboard* Oh, well. *grabs banhammer*

Somewhere, in Southern California... a house is burning. 2+2=5 SPEAK TO ME, ILLOGIAN! Past accounts of sodomy RAVENOUS AND RUTHLESS CAPITALISM The greatest article in the history of Illogia! 19:58, 7 Ditzimber 2017 (UTC)