French Accomplishments

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The French historically made some excellent accomplishments in society. These include inventing Democracy, French Fries, French Toast, French Onion soup, some French Craissoantz or however you spell them, and even a French Illogicopedia (Logimalpédie)! However, in recent years, certain commentators have pointed out that more recent French accomplishments pale in comparison to what they originally came up with. These include the bikini, the Eiffel Tower, and chocolate underwear. Many people think this society, with this lackluster and adoption of Socialism, has led this once-great society into the abyss. Why in the hell am I telling you this? You are most likely some teen/young man who can't get a girlfriend and reads Illogicopedia for amusement. You most certainly cannot care about current affairs! OWWWWWWWW! MAH HEAD! Where's the light?