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An American Hero inventing a uniquely American invention

“We can make America great again. We just need to help mutilate teenaged peoples' genitals with the miracle of levitra. We can restore the American moral fabric with this invention direct from our Lord Jesus Christo.”

Generic levitra 20mg online - medication levitra - buy levitra where is the official motto of Rick Parry. His former wife was a prescription forger. Parry has stated that this uniquely American invention will help champion Reaganesque social conservatism and we can tear down the wall of immorality. This is a great medication that will kill every abortion doctor, remove the gene that causes homosexuality, stop gun control, mutilate the genitals of teenaged people, reinstate Prohibition and make it work, stop Facebook narcissism, and remove all Islamic religion extremism.

This is the great beginning of a new era of American exceptionalism. Vote me for President!

~Rick Parry

We have another breaking announcement. The liberals at Camp Obama have tried to remove this medication from the market since it can cause baldness, throat cancer, smallpox, and mutilation. Don't let them take this away from you, America!

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