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Yeah, hard soup push it! YEAH! It's in my mind but it's not if it is then I'm drunk. I don't what happened to it the banana happened to fall on it the sky and my head. Its out there and the truth is also out there, FEEL IT FEEL THE PROMISE IN THE SKY! its in there and out into your mind where the hell is my watch, Rolex?

Where where where is the sky now?[edit]

Its out into space into the molecules and it will pull you into is vortex hit the oblivion! YEAH! Don't hit the mouth of the purple monster today yeah. Don't feel the cloth of the universe when the Felix is into your pants. HAND ME THE PEN GINK!

Hit the beat huffer[edit]

Huff the puff the smoke of life into the system of evolution when your brain is fried by the pull of gravity abandon it and yell your pink into the sky its in there its out there and its out the curtain of truth and we don't know what truth is because of the paradox of Plato.

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