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Sometimes you may come across an article on another wiki, such as Uncyclopedia, which does not fit in with their policy or general mission statement. Oftentimes this article may be transwikied to Illogicopedia, which is happy to accept donations.

Legalese[edit | edit source]

Common licences vaguely compatible with ?pedia:

  • GNU Free Documentation License. It is permitted to import such pages should the edit history remain intact - to be precise, as long as you credit the original authors and state where you found the article, it is fine to import pages to Illogicopedia.
  • CC. Anything written under a CC licence can be imported under the strict implication that it is not licensed under ND. Only works licensed as BY, NC and/or SA are acceptable.

Finding appropriate articles[edit | edit source]

Lightbulb jon phillips 01.svg  Big Jim's Top Tip

For the kind of article Illogicopedia is looking for, see Illogicopedia:About.

It's a big world of wikis out there and there's tons of stuff to wade through. It's pretty hit and miss: often you may come across articles by chance. There are, however, certain pages that are ripe for pilfering from...

  • Uncyclopedia votes for deletion. These articles are almost certain to be trashed. Uncyclopedia is becoming increasingly deletionist in an attempt to increase 'quality'. Thing is, many articles unsuitable for Uncyc would fit in well at Illogicopedia. Remember to check the current voting trend though, as many keep votes mean it's likely to be saved from the chop.
  • Wikipedia speedy deletion, especially the 'nonsense articles for deletion' category. You'll have to be quick with these, as normally they are deleted within minutes of being created. You may just, however, get lucky and hit on a goldmine of nonsense. In some cases it may be useful to mention to the user on their talk page that you have moved their article here just to let them know (GNU and all that).
  • Wikipedia suspected hoax articles. It's even rarer to find good stuff here but from time to time a classic such as Employe shows up.
  • Wikipedia articles for deletion is worth a look if just not for a laugh. Goat Rope was found through this page.
  • Deletionpedia - "Deleted from Wikipedia". An archive of deleted pages.

For further information on this, see here.

How to export/import (admins/janitors only)[edit | edit source]

For administrators, importing articles is carried out quite simply:

  1. Make sure the article you want to copy does not yet exist on Illogicopedia.
    1. Should the article already be in existence, consider copying the text straight from the source and pasting alongside the existing content, then go to the 'Finalising the article' section.
  2. Find the Special:Export page on the wiki you are moving the page from
  3. Enter the name of the article(s) in the text box given, each page on a new line
  4. Tick the 'preserve edit history' box (important), make sure the 'save as file' box is also ticked and hit save, then choose a location to save the file
  5. Open up the Illogicopedia Special:Import page
  6. Upload the file you just saved

Your page(s) should now be present on Illogicopedia and a message confirming this should appear. Should you encounter an error message, go to step one and repeat.

Copy/paste method[edit | edit source]

If you aren't an admin on Illogicopedia, you will have to resort to the following:

  1. Copy the source text of the article you are moving
  2. Paste into new article on Illogicopedia (which you will have to create)
  3. Leave a note on the talk page and a link to the original edit log where appropriate/necessary.
    In cases where the article has been, or is about to be, deleted from the original wiki, copy the edit log code. See here for an example.

Alternatively, send an admin the exported XML file and they will upload it for you.

Finalising the article[edit | edit source]

The final step is to state where you got the article from. Illogicopedia already has a selection of templates for content moved from other wikis:

Additional Categories[edit | edit source]

Just stick one of these into the article as appropriate and it will link to a category page which explains the license conditions.

Internal wikilinks[edit | edit source]

In some cases, imported text contains links which may need to point to the original wiki instead of to a local page; for instance, often BJAODN material has links to Wikipedia: project pages. If you intend that links point to an original outside wiki source, [[link]] will need to become [[uncyclopedia:link|]], [[wikipedia:link|]] or the like.

This is normally done with search-and-replace on the copy-and-pasted wikitext:

  • Replace [[ with [[wikipedia: (or whatever)
  • Replace ]] with |]]
  • Save the page
  • On the next edit to this page, replace |]] with ]]

Further reading[edit | edit source]