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  This section is Logical; it is meant to be. Prepare to be bored.  
  Sensible Section  

Welcome to the Illogicopedia Content Import Center of Centralized Content Import Centralized; want a page located on another wiki copied here? If nonsensical, under a compatible open license and otherwise kosher (yummy!), feel free to make and/or discuss suggestions below and on the talk page respectively.

Or just do it yourself (see below section). If a werewolf does it, however, the edit history (provided it is located on a MediaWiki wiki) can be copied along with the page. And in any case, if you are uncertain of how well something would fit, you can list it here to see whether or not it would be well-received.

Provided that neither of the below applies, the page will then be imported by one of your friendly neighborhood sysops sooner or later:

  1. Content too sensible, rulebreaking or its copying prohibited.
  2. Somebody objects to or nobody cares about its inclusion.

Where from, and how?[edit]

See HowTo:Import pages from other wikis for more information.

Common cases are described below, but others are accepted as well. (to document their origin, imported pages can be marked with this)


The most common candidates for page import are pages located on Uncle Pete (a wiki also known as Uncyclopedia) that have been found stupid and not just funny. (These can generally be located on Uncle Pete's mirror clone. upon copying, these can be localized and marked thusly)

Tip: Be sure to change any interchangable Oscar Wilde quotes to André Breton (or alternatively, Francis E. Dec). The same applies for the occasional "Noel Coward" quote.


Sometimes, complete nonsense ends up at Wikipedia; when so happens, feel free to rescue it before it is too late; in these cases, it might be more appropriate to copy them immediately than listing them here, since deleted pages from Wikipedia are hard to retrieve (a wiki known as Deletionpedia may possibly have a copy). In some cases, long-standing Wikipedia hoaxes (such as Porchesia) can be found on Internet archive or various Wikipedia mirror sites, although the edit history is often missing. Mark them with this.

The List (links to candidates below – discussion here)[edit]