HowTo:Pronounce Sqweuupiimakxcvpinnnnszsffft

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Sqweuupiimakxcvpinnnnszsffft may be the hardest-to-pronounce word in the whole entire universe. In this helpful guide, I will teach you how to pronounce this word.

Before we begin, I'd like to tell you some information about the word Sqweuupiimakxcvpinnnnszsffft. It was created by God's evil half-cousin's financial advisor in the year -2009 to mean "Hi", and was derived from the Martian word for "DESTROY ALL HUMANS".

Now then, let's start by breaking it down:

Sqwe-: Pronounced "Skoo-ehhh", with a lot of emphasis on the ehhh. Because I said so.
uupii: Spelt like those kids on the Internet who wish they were Japanese would spell the sound, oo-pee. Heh heh, you said pee. Oh wait, it was me. It's still funny though.
makxcv: Make your throat dry and pretend you're coughing up a furball. There's your makxcv.
pinnnn: Say pin with lots of N.
szs: Shhhhhh. Like you're one of those old ladies in a library who's too polite to say 'STFU or GTFO.
ffffft: Pretend you just farted and you're trying not to laugh. You know that sound you make? Pfffft.

And there you have it.