Illegal Aliens

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The Illegal Aliens are an intergalactic gang or mob that breaks all the laws. They were exiled from their home planet when their mayor told them that they know what they are doing is illegal. Then they landed on Earth, but the country they landed in was India and a teacher told them they could be legally punished for the wrong things they are doing. Then they went to Russia and met Donald Trump. Together, they hatched a conspiracy to injure a government lamp by mailing a mongoose with smuggled Canadian goat semen to a pirate. Federal agents found out, but the Illegal Aliens obstructed justice by lying to them about campaign finance and mailed a second mongoose who eats misshapen meatloaf just for shits and giggles. Donald was so impressed with them that he granted them American citizenship. They actually are fairly unhappy in America because they have a hard time finding green chicken and bunk beds without warnings to not allow more than one person on the top bunk.

One of them was named Ol’ Tokyo Ted and he was in Skye Goes to Planet Shrewvomit. He actually had all his paychecks laundered just so he would look like he was being illegal.