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This article was not written by Japanese people.
They'd have written an articre in Engrish.
  I saw a Japanese guy saying, "Soorii, wii donto speeku Ingrishu."  
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So you want to speak Engrish or any other broken English? Here's a tip.

pronounce "l" and "r" in a same manner[edit]

ex. I can speak Engrish werr. Rearry, I can.

add or remove articles, and unnecessary plural forms[edit]

ex 1. A it's a me, a Mario!
ex 2. Hi, I saw cat and dog at a stations.

add unecessary "be"s[edit]

ex. All your base are belong to us.

speaking like Jar Jar Binks[edit]

ex. Mee-sa soo good to seeing u-sa!

now, try to understand what I'm trying to say :p[edit]

A mee-sa was rearn to speak a Japanese when a mee-sa was berong to a high schoors. A mee-sa is can speak a Japanese so good, a mee-sa now at a Kyoto is praying with a Geishas. A mee-sa soo a pray boy. A mee-sa also is have the warkman. A mee-sa is rove a Japan so much that a mee-sa is speak now an Engrish!

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