IllogiNews:Spiderman camel held for questioning in sentient goat universe

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Border guards asking Spiderman camel for his papers.

BORDER STATION 412, Intersection of Sentient Goat and Sentient Camel Universes -- Volunteer frontier guards from the sentient goat universe halted a lone camel, on foot, on suspicion of being a Spiderman.

A spokesgoat from Goat United Nations office of interspecies relations called a press conference today (or three days from now, in this universe) calling for calm and more oats. "We are gathered here today to witness the invasion from another universe by a non-aisha Spiderman," he said while chewing a carrot. "I don't know about all the other universes, but that sort of smut has no place here. The camel in question is being interrogated by goat universe Dick Armey, and will be released unless found guilty by default." The legal system in Goat universe is very confusing, probably because it's run by dogs.

Inhabitants of the sentient camel universe reacted by protesting the detainment of the camel in question. "This alleged Spiderman camel from the sentient camel universe has yet to be charged with a crime," Senator Ridge Boffiecart of the Federated Stated of Cameltoepia (equivalent to Croatia and parts of France in our universe). "We demand his immediate release back into our universe, and sexy entertainment afterwards, maybe brandy and cigars too."

The dromedary accusations and demand of the Cameltoepians infuriated the inhabitants of the sentient Tasmanian Devil universe. Little notice was taken, however, because Tasmanian Devils are normally infuriated.

Half-eaten employees of a local Starbucks had nothing to say about this, or anything else.