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“Despite popular belief, I have never been to Georgia.”

~ Charlie Daniels

“♪ In case you aint heard, I'm the devil! ♪”

I'm not sure what this picture has to do with anything, but it does.

The Devil is a jolly man who lives below my house. Theoretically. I heard he lives someplace really hot, and whenever people refer to it, it's like helk or something, they always say down. Therefore, he must live below me and my house. Also, note how I said jolly up above. I talked to the devil once, and he was really quite cool.

He told me his name was Saint Anne, but I found that suspicious cause he was a man. I met him at a bar, we initially started taking cause he had some tail flinging around and it kept stabbing me i the face with that poky thing on the end. Then I got him to spill the beans after I got him amazingly drunk. I had no idea one person could take down that many shots! Then, he told me he was the leader of the underworld, so I wanted to join him because he said it models a dictatorship! I have no idea what that is, but it sure sounds cool.

Then we went off together, and he married me, even though I am a man. Fishy

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